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How to make Twitter handle for your Business?

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Whoever you are, wherever you live, a Twitter account has become necessary to get your name out there in the world of social media. 

Twitter enables all kinds of users to engage on a public stage and helps them build up and grow their online presence, especially those who wish to develop their Business online.

Many industries and firms have taken advantage of their Twitter handles in the past to promote their products and services online. This helps to level up your Business and compete in the digital market as well. It would be pretty hectic to go through the process of building a twitter handle, you might think.

No worries! Here’s an easy step-by-step guide for you to create your profile:

1. Signing up:

Go to Twitter.com through any web browser with the help of any of your devices. You will see a dialogue box reading, “Join Twitter today.” This page will ask you for your ‘Name,’ ‘Phone number,’ and ‘Date of birth’ on the first go. 

Type in your name and phone number, which you use and have nearby you and set up your correct date of birth. You can even use your email instead of your phone number if that works for you.

 It is advised to mention your brand name or even your name if the twitter handle is meant for your Business.

Click “Next’ to move to the next step. Here you will be shown a message which tells you that you can track your twitter account across the web. You can read if you want to know more about it.

By clicking “Next” again, you are once again asked to confirm the details. 

You don’t need to worry as you can modify the details later. You can read Twitter’s Terms of Service, Private Policy, and Cookie Policy if you wish to.

After you click ‘Sign Up,’ you’ll receive a verification code through your phone or via email. Once you enter the code, you will be directed towards the final step. Here you have to set up a strong desired password for yourself that is easy to memorize and isn’t pretty obvious.

Cheers! Your twitter account is set and you are ready to tweet!

2. Decorating your profile:

You have successfully created a twitter account for your Business. But right now, there is nothing up on your profile that will help any viewer to know about you. Therefore, you need to add some basic details about you for some insights to the audience.

Now that your account is set, you need to dress up your profile. A pop up will appear that will ask you to add a profile picture of your own. You have to have a decent and clear picture of yourself up on your profile. This will let people know that your twitter handle isn’t a bot account. 

You can add a professional picture of yourself or even the logo of your respective brand. This will help your audience to recognize you. Click the grey circle and choose an image. 

You can change it anytime you feel like it, but it is mostly advised not to go without a picture. Once you are done, click “Next” to jump to the next step in the process of dressing up your profile.

You can also curate it anytime, so don’t worry and click “Next” to move one step ahead to make a cool twitter handle for business.

Once you enter your bio, twitter asks about your interests and suggests you some accounts to follow. Follow the people whom you wish to. You can either check out more personalities or skip it for the moment and move ahead.

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3. Garnering with details:

You can change, tweak, or decorate your profile by adding more details to your twitter handle. This will help the audience get more insights about your profile and help them get to know more about you.

Now you will be prompted to enter a bio of 160 characters maximum. The bio is a brief report of your Business. Remember that a good bio must be simple, concise, and descriptive. You don’t have to stress too hard to write a catchy bio. Just make sure it describes you pretty well and informs enough about your Business.

Here’s something you can do to polish and personalize your profile and make it a little more perfect. Click on the “Edit Profile” button on the top. Here you get to see all the details about your twitter handle that your audience will be able to see. 

You can add and modify various things such as cover photos, profile photos, links to your website, geographic location, etc. You can also make changes in the data you had filled before, such as your name, Username, and bio. 

Let’s have a look at what all can be done over here.


The Twitter ID is also known as Username. It is your unique identity that sets you apart and reflects your Business. The Username, which starts with ‘@’ and is tied with everything that is done by you on twitter. You can mention another twitter user by writing his Username (starting with @), and also, one can mention you doing the same. Hence, creating a unique username becomes quite important.

While opening your account, twitter automatically sets your Username. You can go to the “Edit Profile” and change it to create a unique ID for yourself, which is not taken by others already. It is generally advised to keep it short, simple and plain instead of goofy, long and complicated.

There is also something called Twitter Name that flashes your name to your audience when visiting your profile. Make sure it’s nearly similar to your Username if possible and avoid, as it helps prevent any confusion for the audience.

You can tweak it a little as per your requirement and create yourself a separate ID that’s not taken before by anyone. Make sure you keep your brand’s name as your Username for the handle. Click “Save” when you are done.

Profile Details:

Your profile determines their first impression about you. Your photo proves that it is a real account and not a bot one, which is why having an engaging, attractive, yet brief profile becomes a huge necessity.

Profile Photo or Display Photo:

Your profile photo should be clear and distinguishable. Make sure that the profile picture is 400*400 pixels, and its size is 2 MB maximum—images used for Profile Photos support JRG, PNG, and GIF format.

Cover Photo or Header Photo:

The cover photo or the header photo, which is at the top part of the page, should be 1500*500 pixels and 5 MB maximum. The images which can be used are allowed to be of JPG, PNG, and GIF format.

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Additional Settings:

There are a couple of additional settings that you can modify and set according to your needs. These include settings such as general settings, notifications, content preferences, accessibility, data usage, etc.  

These details will help your followers to know more about you and make your profile seem more professional and established. Similarly, click “Save” again to update the details. You can always keep changing it occasionally. 

4. Your Home Feed:

Voila! Here you have your Twitter home feed in front of you. Your feed, for the moment, will be showcased with the latest tweets by the account you just followed. Take a moment to surf around and discover the platform. 

You can follow numerous personalities from vivid fields. Not only you get insights about what’s happening around the world, but you also can share your views and engage with masses,all in form of Tweets.

Right now, you don’t necessarily have your set of audience. But you can eventually build one by targeting the right market of your product as per your niche. All you got to keep on putting out stuff like information about your products, insights about your Business, and your opinions on what’s happening around the globe. You can do all of this by just tweeting by your profile, which will eventually give you some visibility over time and help your Business grow online organically.


What makes Twitter an exciting, engaging, and powerful platform is its power, which is generated from its game-changing audience.

From a business perspective, you can execute many activities like running hashtag campaigns and promoting your products. You can tweet about yourself or your Business and start building your audience from your twitter handle. You can connect with what is happening around the world.

 By diving into the business market, one can deduce strategies by studying the pace of the online market. A statistic from Twitter’s internal data says that people spend 26% more time viewing ads on Twitter than on other leading platforms. So creating a business twitter handle of your brand on Twitter can help you mix creative advertisements, your targets, and audiences. 

Also, one can target its specified audience with the help of product ads. This will eventually help you build your campaign.

Now that your twitter handle for Business is perfectly set to grow and flourish, you can level up your business game online and grow with the digital market’s pace.

Happy Tweeting!

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