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We strategically integrate data and analysis into performance marketing Processes.


Remarketing, also called retargeting. Are these just new buzzwords or is it something that actually works? Well, let’s see. Imagine a prospective customer browsing your online store. Unfortunately, the majority of these visitors are not converted to customers. They leave your site before checking out. The reasons can be it’s their first visit and they’re not sure about your store’s credibility. They get distracted and simply don’t finish the purchase. They don’t quite find what they’re looking for.

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At AB Media Co, with the help of inventive approaches and strategies, we help businesses in revolutionizing their analytics process. Our hardworking and dedicated team of experts offer data analytics services to companies across a wide range of industries. From E-commerce to Insurance, from Retail to Banking, from Financial Services to Manufacturing, etc.

The data analytics services that we provide help businesses to lift up their growth by making the most of their data. We deliver targeted solutions, and create a strong, firm foundation for their progress. With an effective data-driven approach, we plot your analytics initiatives to assessable business results, and convert your raw business data into actionable outcomes.

data analytics services

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We optimize your conversion rate for products and services allowing you to generate a better revenue on online platforms.


User interface and experience are the foremost priorities for any brand. We got it all covered for you!

Funnel Optimization

We help you in fine-tuning a sales funnel for the highest acquisition, conversion and retention of prospective customers.

Data Analytics

We evaluate datasets that will help you to map conclusions about the contained information.

Online Presence Analysis

We monitor and analyze the online presence on your website and let you understand how your business is being perceived.


Customer Journey Analysis

We track every touchpoint that a customer interacts with and provide you with its analyzed data


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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process where your web traffic or visitors convert to customers who avail of your services. CRO acts as an effective strategy to heighten your business transactions. Conversion rate equals the number of goal achievements over the number of visitors.
Using a few common tools such as Google Analytics, heatmaps, surveys, etc., we extract information about your CRM. All the insights and the data available guides us to make changes that are required, such as A/B testing, powerful CTAs, create a strong customer value proposition, and much more.
Here are a few important steps that will make the conversion rate optimization effective: Begin with A/B testing. Test your CTA. Use basic words in your language, easy to comprehend. Learn to create a sense of urgency within the customer so that they take action. Be up to date with the concerns of your customers and work to remove them.
Conversion rate optimization can save up a lot of your time and effort. It lets you convert your existing visitors and traffic to customers with minimum changes. Little tweaks here and there can prove to be very valuable for raising your revenue. You can utilize your existing visitor traffic to its full extent with the help of the CRO. It has chances of leading to more new customers, an increase in revenue per visitor, and a steady growth in your business.
The conversion rate can deviate across different businesses and industries. More than 10% is said to be a good conversion rate, with some businesses at an average of 11.45%. If you achieve a good rate and earn a place in the top 10% of global advertisers, your conversion rate would be at least 2 to 5 times better than the average holders.


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Let’s Grow Your REVENUE!

Let’s Grow Your REVENUE!