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How to Boost Your Blog Traffic using Social Media

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Boosting Your Blog Traffic using Social Media.

Everybody needs a bigger audience. If you are someone who is interested to know how to get one, this is something you must read. Internet is a place where everyone can display their work. Blogging is one the famous things that people do on the internet. It’s where you can post content in a readable format. 

Blogging is quite a good platform to showcase your writing skills. It’s just like establishing a place where you can reach more people.  With a little effort you can reach a big audience. Influence them with your thoughts. Help them with all the knowledge and information you have. 

However, with the increasing crowd it seems difficult to find and grow an audience. Attracting reader traffic on your blog can be a little tough. Before Social media took over the internet the internet there were only a limited ways that could be used to gain Blog traffic. They were mainly as follows;

1. Posting and updating your blog daily. Consistent posting keeps your blog fresh and allows the users to read better content on a regular basis.

2. Building a regularly visiting audience with the help of e-mails and RSS subscriptions. Attracting new audience base is important but keeping the current audience engaged is also crucial. 

3. Making your blog more relevant using search engine optimisation. Using proper keywords and other factors contributes a lot to rank of your page. When people search for something related to your blog’s content it is important to show up on the top of the search results.

4. Have Patience and wait for the traffic. Often all these processes take time. So it is necessary to give it a little time. You should not act too hastily.

And for every Blogger out there number 4 is the toughest step to execute. The harsh truth about the internet is that the age of a blog determines a lot about its relevancy and credibility. But this was all before Social Media started connecting people. Now, social media creates connections between lots of people allowing them to exchange all sorts of information over the internet. This has made Social media networks a global domain of news and information exchange.

In Today’s progressive era, you have an edge. People who have already gained success in creating blogs share their experiences with others. There are many service providers who can assist you for all the technical tasks.

You could write a blog today, and it could be a huge success tomorrow. The age of your blog is not a necessary factor now. Now you can use social media for your advantage, you could your blog and spread it out to a large number of people, who in turn might share it.

This is essentially what most of the bloggers do today. They just concentrate on creating something that contributes something to the internet. It increases relevance and credibility of their blog.

You could keep posting on a certain blog for years; make small promises to your audience and grow. Else you could use social media and grow the same amount of audience within months. Yes, social media is that powerful! There are millions of people creating, searching, and sharing stuff on the internet. All you need to do is Divert this traffic towards your blog.

How to do it?

With all this factors known, one might wonder how to exactly execute all this. Here are some step by step instructions on how you can start using your social media to boost your blog traffic. 

Create or write some content that people find relatable. Try to make it as engaging as possible. Make conversations with people. Give them something relatable to read and watch the content spread. People will share your blog if they find it interesting and shareable. This is one of the most beneficial ways to gain a new audience

It might seem a little tough at the beginning, but things become simplified once you start. Share content that is meaningful and worthwhile. Focus on a particular niche topic. This brings a lot of good results. Depending on your content you could always reach an audience that will engage with it. They will share, and comment on your work which will help your blog to gain popularity. Once you get the momentum, the audience itself will attract more audience.

Key Role of Social Media – 

Here are the main points that you should emphasize if you want to use social media for boosting your blog traffic. Social media is not something that has fixed rules. It is always changing. It grows at a rapid rate. New trends keep coming and going. You have to keep with all of this. 

1. Get started with Twitter.

Twitter is a very powerful platform. Millions of users are ‘tweeting’ here on a daily basis. You can share anything, from a simple quote to a complete thread on any information.

People can follow you, like your tweets, and retweet them on their own accounts. This is a very useful option for gaining readers for your blog

Create an account on Twitter. Add a ‘tweet’ button to your blog so that your readers can share it on their respective blogs. This is a very effective way to attract a new audience.

2. Create a Facebook page for your Blog – 

Facebook also proves to be a very versatile platform for content creators. You can get people to like your page, engage with them using posts and videos. Share updates about your work. As soon as a new blog comes out you can share the link of it over here. People will have an easy access to your work. This will surely increase traffic on your blog.

Moreover, Facebook also has options where people can like and react your posts. It also has a ‘Share’ button. People will share your content to their friends which in turn will lead to the discovery of a newer audience.

3. Social bookmarking sites.

Ask others to post your content on bookmarking sites like DIGG, Stumbleupon, Reddit, and many more. You can do occasionally by yourself, but multiple entries by a same user might lead to a penalty.

The more platforms you use the better. A diversified audience is a good thing as it will give your work a global exposure.

4. Using Social sharing tools.

If your readers want to share your content on other platforms, your blog must be equipped with tools that allow them to share it. Flare is one of the good examples of such tools. It allows you to combine various share options from twitter, Facebook, email, and social bookmarking sites into a single tool. You can also use social-powered commenting tools like Disqus or IntenseDebate.

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5. Write Catchy headlines – 

No matter how well written your article might be; people will neglect it if it has a crappy title. People using social media are always on the move. This creates a demand for a catchy and interesting headline. This will not only make them read it but it also makes them share it. 

Also, make sure the headline means something and is relevant to the content of your blog. Otherwise, people may find it misleading which will damage the reputation of your blog.

6. Compelling content.

Content is the soul of your blog. Make sure what you write has an impact on the readers. If you are informing about something, make sure it is true and trustworthy. At last people will return to your only blog if it is interesting. They will remember your words and might also share it to their friends and family. If that happens, your blog will have a good quality traffic in no time.

That last point is worth emphasizing: to create compelling content. If you want to make sure that your blog competes on various social media sites, you need to write something worth reading. In other words, be unique and interesting.

This is the con of social media. Everyone now has a platform, everyone wants to say something. This means that there are going to be a lot of people with blogs. They too want to be heard, this creates a lot of similarities. You either have to be really different or really radical or maybe, both.

The way use of social media is increasing, and the number of visitors coming to it is also increasing day by day, due to which it has become an important platform for any business.

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