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Best Ppc Agency In India bring
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We are a performance and ROI driven PPC Company in india, We consistently turn advertising into Profit.

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Best Ppc Agency In India bring
Leads Traffic Sales

We are a performance and ROI driven PPC Company in india, We consistently turn advertising into Profit.

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What is PPC?

PPC or pay-per-click first, let me just very briefly describe what it is you probably already know how search engines work and how SEO can help your website get a better ranking, right? Well, sometimes even the best strategy is just not enough. The keyword you want to optimize for could be facing some really tough competition and is simply unable to make it to the top results. Or you can just use PPC basically, even if your CEO is not strong enough.  And when it comes to amplifying your digital footprint in India, look no further. AB Media. stands as the pinnacle for premium PPC services in India. Our tailored strategies and top-tier expertise will heighten your online presence, ensuring your brand shines brightly in the digital skyline.

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generate more Traffic for your Indian business

Google / PPC Ads | Higher Search Engine Ranking | Performance Marketing|

Quality Lead Generation Improved Conversion Rates Enhanced Brand Visibility

Google / PPC Ads | Higher Search Engine Ranking | Performance Marketing|

Quality Lead Generation Improved Conversion Rates Enhanced Brand Visibility

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Keyword Research and Optimization

Thoroughly research and identify relevant keywords related to your products or services, considering factors such as search volume, competition, and user intent behind each keyword, including those specific to 'PPC services in India.'

Ad Copy and Landing Page Optimization

Craft compelling ad copy that resonates with your target audience and is directly relevant to the keywords in your ad groups.

Bid Management and Budget Allocation

Implement automated bidding (e.g., Target CPA, Target ROAS) or manual bidding to achieve your campaign goals while controlling costs effectively.

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Marketer's Lie, Numbers Don't

Our Approach to Pay Per Click

Supercharge Your Online Visibility, Drive Maximum Web Traffic, and Achieve Unbelievable Results with Our PPC Services!

With the rise of technology and digital marketing, PPC company have become an important aspect of marketing. Considering this fact, abmedia co has brought for you the best ppc service in India. PPC services are an effective business tool, they are also a way to deliver an instant impact to the audience. A very promising idea to grow your business online. You can contact us for this service.

PPC assures faster results and creates positive results on users, especially ones who click through organic research. It also helps increase brand presence online and contributes greatly to internet ad revenue as well.

Paid Media Services

Get ready to boost your business with more traffic, more leads. As a leading PPC company in India, We Consistently Turn Advertising Into Profit.

Retargeting Ads

Relevance of the audience is important! we ensure that your product or service reach to those who are actually seeking for them.


Cross Platform Ads

We help you spread your name across various channels over the internet allowing discovery of newer audience.

LTV Analysis

We analyse the lifetime value of a customer allowing you to spend the right amount of efforts for specific targets.

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More Revenue for your Business Brand Project Product Enterprise

More Revenue for your
Business Brand Project Product Enterprise

Our Pay Per Click Services in India

Google Ads

Mobile Advertising

Ecommerce Ads

Analysis & Reporting

Microsoft Ads

Video Advertising

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Improve Your Online Presence Today!

Improve Your Online Presence Today!

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As the best PPC Services agency,
we help you scale your Revenue strategicaly.

As the best PPC Services agency, we help you scale your Revenue strategicaly.

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Frequently Asked Question's

PPC is an effective way to gain attention to your business. If your motive is creating strong brand awareness, PPC will work in your favor. Channels such as search, social media marketing, etc. that fall under digital marketing are PPC based. For any kind of business, PPC will serve some aspect of what they need. Be it brand presence, sales, or revenue generation, PPC will produce results. It works better for high margin or unique products. It is important to conduct proper research before you begin so that you are aware of everything you need to keep in mind.

When you make use of a search engine advertisement, they analyze and place your advertisement in the right place at the top and the right time. It gives you clarity and attracts a set of the target audience. Moreover, you only pay per click, which is quite efficient, and you easily measure your performance.

For full-fledged results, it might take up to 2 to 3 months for you to see them. But as soon as you start with SEM, you will notice an increase in traffic. You must invest time to research for the right keywords for usage, try what works for you, and apply that method. Build a quality score, and as you test it, your sales and revenue will rise.

PPC ads are of different types: -Search -Display -Social Media Advertising -Google shopping -Remarketing -Mobile ads These can appear anywhere following the relevance of your audience. It could be social media, applications, search engine results page (SERPs), websites you click on, etc. We assist you in selecting the most accurate way to execute PPC.

There are many possibilities of why you cannot see your PPC ads. Perhaps you ran out of the campaign budget, your ads did not please the audience, or maybe your ads are not catering to the particular target set, etc. You could be having a low-rank score, which led to this. You should also check out your quality score and impression share for figuring alternatives you could use to fix this.

To figure this out, you must know about the keywords your competitor is using. Keep a close check on that using some online tools so that you improve your ads. Investing more can help you in increasing your visibility among webpages. It is crucial to bid on the right keywords the same as your competitors so that your ads are also noticeable easily.

There could be a lot of competition amongst ad space due to which, cost-per-click might rise. If a large number of competitors are bidding for the same keywords at the same time (eg: a festival), prices are certainly going to increase. The difference in keywords, quality scores, or ad copy can also change CPC.

You don’t want your visitors landing on some other page, so it’s best if you bid on your brand name. To get high-quality leads that will convert easily, you need to implement this. The best part is, you can direct the visitors wherever you want to, so this will target them towards a particular direction instead of elsewhere. It will prove to be cheaper than non-branded words as well as captures attention for your SERPs

Success in a PPC campaign can be defined through what objectives your organization has in mind. It could be anything from an increase in engagement to conversion from leads to sales. Your quality score, clicks, cost-per-click, ad placement, rate of conversion are factors that might affect your success in your campaign.

We provide our customers with the best marketing services that involve everything from devising strategies to their effective execution. We offer help with SEO Services, PPC (pay-per-click advertising), web designing & E-Commerce Development Services, video marketing, content marketing Services, social media marketing Services, and a lot more. Abmedia co aims to satisfy your every need relating to several marketing fields. We conduct a proper analysis and then operate so that it profits your brand in every possible way. We intend to cater to your every need, as per your accordance.

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