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How Brands Can Benefit Sales on Pinterest 

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Pinterest has evolved in recent years from being an inspirational platform to promoting your business extensively. Pinners (people known to use Pinterest) have embraced Pinterest in all aspects, be it content creation, or saving new ideas, or planning their life events by creating visual boards, or for selling their product. It is now a key source of influence for shopping. Pinterest has over 335 million active users monthly amongst which 80% of users specifically using Pinterest to gain insight for their buying decisions from the brand pins that they have explored.

Pinterest has developed into a visual search engine and has oodles of opportunities for the upcoming brands and products with efficient marketing and plugging. With many fickle social media platforms over the interest, Pinterest’s co-founders have said that ‘This may be a last positive corner on the Internet’. We came across many professionals over Pinterest and uncovered some of their endorsement schemes which we would like to share with you in this article.

How people are using Pinterest

Pinterest has changed the lives of many millennials and people from the age group of 25-54. They have started to focus on their desires and ambitions rather than fulfilling unwanted happiness in other’s life. 9 out of 10 pinners state that Pinterest is a positive platform and this has turned it into a powerful platform for users to make purchasing decisions and discover new brands and products eventually.

According to a survey, 47 percent of Pinners log into their accounts precisely for shopping and not just to gain inspirations for their purchase, which is four times higher than any other OTT platforms like FaceBook or Instagram.

Evidently, Pinterest has grown into a marketing opportunity like other competing social media apps. And to affiliate with it, here are some strategies to drive your sales.

How Brands Can Benefit Sales on Pinterest, Pinterest for Business, Pinterest marketing, Brand promotion on Pinterest, Pinterest sales strategies, Boosting sales with Pinterest, Pinterest advertising, Pinterest product promotion, Pinterest engagement, Visual marketing on Pinterest, Pinterest audience targeting, Creating compelling Pinterest content, Pinterest analytics for brands, Pinterest SEO for brands, Pinterest conversion optimization,

How to leverage Pinterest for sales

It’s a piece of cake that you can leverage Pinterest to target pertinent audiences and optimize their pins. Here are some tips from the Pinterest team itself that might be easy to imply and to ensure a profitable market –

Brand your pins

Since Pinterest is ardent over inspirational content and ideas where 78% of pinners say that branded content is useful for them, from which they have discovered a new brand or product while scrolling through it. It is recommendable to use Pinterest Analytics to correspond to the needs of the target customers.

To enhance your brand sale, explore Pinterest Trends a tool to analyze imminent trends. Most of the searches on Pinterest are unbranded and it prompts an overwhelming opportunity to gain recognition as an eminent brand.

In order to grow as a brand, you should include your brand logo in the pin. You can use some graphic tools to design your logo according to the pin. For example, you either watermark your logo in the background or place it in a corner of the pin in a way in which it can be highlighted.

Create mobile-first content

With technological development growing at a fast pace, cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. It has been researched that even if people would not have their basic amenities, they would certainly use a phone for their communication. About 85% of pinners use Pinterest from their phone and thus to target these audiences it is necessary to create phone friendly and intriguing content.

To access the app via phone you must ensure that your content is readable and precise with correct specifications about your brand. You must opt for high-quality images that are self-explanatory because not everyone would tend to read your description. The ideal image quality should be 600 x 900 pixels. This is where the keywords play an important role.  This would make your content outshining in the home feed of your followers. It would tempt others to scroll through your content in-depth and also enroll in it.

A little tip for your titles and descriptions is to tailor your font size to phone readability which would make them legible for screens in any vertical ratio.

Pinterest isn’t just optimizing the app for the use of pinners but also for the marketers and business operators. They are adding new features such as Mobile Ad Tools that are useful to brand investors for their marketing campaigns even from their phones.

A similar look and feel for your brand

Have you been to a pin that was amazing and when you dug into the profile that looks completely different than the pin? Creating contrasting and inconsistent pins in a profile can be misleading to the followers and the viewers that browse your profile.

According to the Pinterest team, the appropriate approach is to create a website or a profile that has a similar appearance as depicted in the pin. Based on a survey it is stated that when you flip through different pins with a similar look and feel have a great impact on the pinners. They found that a 13% sale increased with the brands with similar content on display.

For example, there is a blogger Angie who writes her blogs with a similar type of content. And thus has reached 1.5 million viewers per month from a few. Although writing different topics for each pin, her similar look and feel for the content have helped her viewers to connect with her writing and gain insights from the same. And in no time she bagged popularity and a name in the respective field.

Campaign your Brand Timely

To plan your marketing strategy you should understand the basic psychology of people in regards to their choices of quality and the timing of being online and surfing the home feed. You should realize in this study when they feel like shopping and when is the appropriate time to launch your campaigns.

While marketing your brand timing plays a crucial role in seizing the opportunities.

As per the Pinterest statistics, a person spends an average of 14.2 minutes on Pinterest per session. Your content and profile should be enticing and captivating so that the pinners invest their average time browsing your brand.

To boost your brand, Pinterest provides certain incentives such as the Seasonal Insights and Monthly Trend Reports. Pinterest issues monthly trend reportswhich is a great source to promote the product of their brand as per the specific seasonal sale around. For example, people look for vacation ideas in their holiday times generally around June, which specifically alerts the businesses to prompt their vacation trips and activities related to the trips. Such information would go a long way to promote local businesses.

While the Seasonal Insights leverage businesses to plan their yearly marketing strategies. The report contains dozen of explicit information which is concise and happens throughout the year.

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Create your online shopping website

An important factor to drive your sales is to create your revenue generation on Pinterest by setting up your online website and selling your products. A survey has suggested that approximately 28% of the global market is driven by Pinterest for brand endorsements because Pinterest is an easy platform to set up your business. They even have a tool named Pinterest catalogs for the users to scroll through the products easily and import the trending products seasonally. You simply have to get your source approved by Pinterest and when you launch new products on your website they will inevitably get added to your Pinterest Shop as well.

All the business profiles on Pinterest can create a Shop tab! This shop tab is a dropdown where pinners can visit and shop their desired products from the brand. Thus to grow your business you should pin more content that is linked to this shop.

Whenever you post your pin with the company’s attribution of a link or a logo it leads back to your website thereby creating inbound traffic for your brand. 97% of the searches on Pinterest are unbranded and reflect that the pinners are unbiased and in a search of unique brands. Thus it’s a fact that 1 in 2 people would buy your product after viewing your content in the Shop tab.

We believe these tips were effective to embark your business effortlessly in a thoughtful manner. If you are into successful dealing then do lets us know about your strategies for the dedicated shoppers!

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