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7 Design tips for your social media campaigns

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Social media campaigns have become a more regular sight to all of us who use any kind of social media platform daily. One thing to remember when creating these social media campaigns is that the way you design these campaigns is crucial. From your color scheme and background to even the font style you choose, these design factors can decide the success factor of your campaign. Today let us see 7 tips you can keep in mind to make the best social media campaign. We can also introduce a few apps that will help you do the same as well. So what are we waiting for, let us get started?

Why visual design is given so much importance for social media campaigns?

To answer this, first what we must understand is that social media campaigns are very popular and unique. They can be used for any type of event from a product launch to a seasonal promotion event. In a niche where social media campaigns are so popular, you need new design ideas to make sure yours stand out. A campaign with a distinct look and feel is more likely to be appreciated by the masses. A well-thought design can be the deciding factor in determining the success of your social media campaign.

In today’s business-oriented world, keeping a brand identity is important. But one shouldn’t think that means no new design features should be implemented for in the future either. Adding a new colour or a new design font but still keeping the core aesthetic consistent will be rewarding. Putting in the effort to improve your visual design can help boost your credibility for online campaigns. All this might seem a lot to take in, but trust me it is nothing complicated once you get used to it.


Before you improve your design contents, understand what exactly you want to improve. Consider the results you want to achieve through your social media campaign. Also, understand and identify your target audience. Before putting in work, put work onto your mind. This will help you save valuable time and effort in the long run. Rather than doing everything you can, it is better to focus on the important topics first.


Social media is an open platform. There are thousands of people posting content on it daily. Impacting and memorable contents usually tend to have an amazing narrative to it as well. The whole theme knot together as a creative story. Fixing and working according to a concept can help you in the future. If you are confused about what your creative concept should be don’t worry. Go through your campaign goals and also your targeted audience.

Understand what your audience wants and what the present trends are. Cater to these needs and you will be able to come up with a good narrative for your campaign. Exploring social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can also help you understand the trends of the people better.


After you have sorted out and decided on your concept, the next step is to apply it into your social media campaign. For this, you need to create a visual mood board. This intends on bringing all your creative inspiration onto one place. This will also give you a better idea of what works best for your brand and what styles and themes to choose from. Remember to take inspiration and not simply copy other work. Find 2 to 3 styles that suite your brand. Combine these styles and make the best out of them. Doing a lot of trial and errors will be useful if you want to find the best possible design for your brand.

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Colour and visual representation are important for any kind of social media campaign. Colour plays a very important role in giving your brand its own identity. A factor that many people tend to overlook. If explained better, different colours can portray different themes. Bright neon colours can give the image of young youthful energy, whereas pastel shades can be more gentle and give a calming sensation. Think about how your colour schemes will affect your social media campaign.

If you plan on opting for a new colour palette, make sure it compliments your brand and campaign well. Social media campaign are all about creating attracting content and making an identity for your brand. Frequently switching your colour palettes can cause a problem for the same. Get colour palette inspirations from your everyday life and implement it into your campaigns.


Usually, your brand font will be the best option for your social media campaign as well. Sometimes considered a small detail, font styles do play an important role in giving your brand a unique identity. Frequently changing fonts can make your brand lose its sense of identity and also negatively impact aesthetics. But that also doesn’t mean you can never change your font either. Sometimes introducing a new font style into your brand can help as well. Although we don’t recommend doing this often. There are mainly 5 basic font styles you can choose from :

  • Serif
  • Slab serif
  • Sans serif
  • Script
  • Display

Choosing a font initially that best suite your brand might be confusing, but look up fonts online and decide which one best suits your brand. Choosing the perfect font can be time-consuming, but it is going to be worth the effort for your brand to grow online.


If you are completely new to the design there is nothing to panic. There are plenty of apps and software to help you start designing your social media campaigns. Over, Canva and Adobe Spark are a few examples of such apps for beginners to start about with their design ideas. From catchy fonts and design layouts to recommended colour palettes, these apps can come in clutch for you in many situations. They are easy to use and also affordable for everyone. The best thing about it being, you don’t need any prior design experience to start using them either.


Before you start with your social media campaign, it is a good idea to get an overall picture of what you have planned in mind. This will help you identify any changes to be made or any fault or technical errors that might have happened during the design process. These errors can be something minor like wrong tones or textures to wrong information provided in the social media campaign. Double-checking before finalizing is always a good idea in any field. The aim of getting a preview of your campaign is to provide yourself with a holistic view of the content you are responsible for.

Those are our 7 tips for you to keep in mind to ensure your social media campaign becomes a success. Nobody starts perfect, but the important factor is that you improve from your mistakes and bring about a better outcome each time. Don’t be afraid to try out new things and learn from them. Unless you venture onto different paths you will never know what is best for your brand.

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