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Mobile Fueling Case Study

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Our Client is one of the pioneers in the mobile fueling space with a Pan India presence empowering Fuel Entrepreneurs (Fuel Ents) to build, manage and grow a successful business of Door to Door Delivery (DDD) of High Speed Diesel (Diesel).DDD is a flagship initiative by the Government of India, intended to build a strong ecosystem for entrepreneurs in the mobile fueling sector.


Ab Media Co is a premier digital marketing agency in New Delhi, India with a proven track record of generating $137 million+ in revenue for over 50 brands globally. Their team of experts, with 100+ years of combined experience in e-commerce sales, lead generation & digital marketing, provides clients with 100% deliverables and value-driven solutions to grow their business in the digital arena.


The brand faced challenges including low SQLs/LOLs, limited online visibility, low revenue, and outdated technology hindering growth and success. The lack of SQLs and LOLs impacted the brand’s ability to attract and retain customers. Limited online visibility made it hard to reach new customers. Low revenue limited resources for marketing and expansion. Outdated technology prevented innovation and progress.


The proposed strategy focuses on identifying the target persona and creating a funnel and creative assets to effectively communicate the brand’s messaging to the target audience. Lead generation campaigns play a crucial role in growing the customer base, while mapping and optimizing the click to lead and lead to customer journey ensures a seamless customer experience. This comprehensive approach aims to support the overall marketing efforts and drive long-term success for the brand.


The marketing deliverables include a comprehensive set of activities aimed at driving business growth and success. Lead Generation is a key focus, involving the identification and nurturing of potential customers to generate sales leads. Performance Marketing is another important aspect, aimed at maximizing the return on investment for marketing efforts. The development of a Digital Ecosystem is also included in the marketing plan, which involves building and maintaining an interconnected network of digital assets to create a comprehensive digital presence. These different elements of the marketing deliverables work together to achieve desired results and support the overall marketing strategy.


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