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Leeyo's Oxywater Case Study

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About the Client

Started in 2015 with the vision of making clean and natural water accessible to every home, Leeyo’sOxywater has successfully created the water enriching system. Based on the philosophy of sustainability and zero wastage, this innovative water enrichment system replicates nature to offer pure, mineral enriched water with elevated oxygen absorption levels. All this with zero water wastage and zero maintenance and power requirement – making it a patented

Brand – Leeyo’s Oxywater


About the Ad Agency

Ab Media Co is a premier digital marketing agency, based in New Delhi, India. We have generated 137 million+ combined revenue for more than 50+ brands globally in the last 5 years. We have reinvented ourselves several times to transform into an organization that not only serves you by 100% deliverables but also brings value to you, your brand and your business. At Eleven Technolab, you will have a team of your very own experts, with a combined experience of over 100+ years in e-commerce sales, lead generation & digital marketing, to build, develop & nurture your business and boost its growth in the digital arena.

The Challenges

The challenges for the brand was divided into Three folds:

  1. They were not able to generate any SQL’s and LOI’s

  2. The brand had limited awareness in the online market

  3. The brand operating at a low revenue stream


Marketing deliverables included:

  1.  Lead Generation
  2.  Performance Marketing
  3.  Developing a digital ecosystem


Marketing deliverables included:

  1.  Lead Generation 
  2.  Performance Marketing 
  3.  Developing digital ecosystem


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