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GYM Brand

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Our client are the new paragon of wellness and promote new age fitness and health with our state of the art fitness centres and their dynamic and diverse range of programs to suit and meet all your needs. It is designed to keep in mind the austerities faced by the new generation and old and strives to create a healthier living for the same. Our client believes in a #Neverstop attitude. Be it respecting your body and fitness levels or following a strong sense of discipline and commitment in everything you do.


About the Ad Agency

Ab Media Co is a premier digital marketing agency in New Delhi, India with a proven track record of generating $137 million+ in revenue for over 50 brands globally. Their team of experts, with 100+ years of combined experience in e-commerce sales, lead generation & digital marketing, provides clients with 100% deliverables and value-driven solutions to grow their business in the digital arena.


The brand faced challenges including low SQLs/LOLs, limited online visibility, low revenue, and outdated technology hindering growth and success. The lack of SQLs and LOLs impacted the brand’s ability to attract and retain customers. Limited online visibility made it hard to reach new customers. Low revenue limited resources for marketing and expansion. Outdated technology prevented innovation and progress.


To succeed, the brand must identify its target persona and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy, including tailored creative assets and lead generation campaigns. This will help the brand effectively reach its target audience, understand its ideal customer, and grow its customer base, leading to long-term success.


The marketing deliverables consist of various aspects aimed at promoting and growing a business. One such aspect is Performance Marketing, which focuses on maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of marketing efforts. Another important aspect is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns, where businesses pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Social Media Marketing is also included in the marketing deliverables, which involves leveraging various social media platforms to reach and engage target audiences. These different marketing tactics work together to drive results and meet the


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